• I will be selling my prints at the upcoming Oakland Print Fair on Saturday October 14 and Sunday October 15 from 11am to 5pm both days. All prints on this website will be available for purchase there. Check out their website here (

• Available Screen Print - What? (from Mr. BC Ch.1 Pg.17) View it here: Signed by Jon Jeweler. Contact me for a copy. $30 with shipping.

• Upcoming Graphic Novel - Mr. BC Vol. 1 - A story set in an alternate reality in which the friendly fascist government has declared involvement with non government-made music and art illegal. A small mutant named 'Baby' begins to discover his dormant creative powers while delving into the underground world of illegal art and political upheaval. To be released as a ~60 pg. graphic novel, the first of two parts. Pre-order by contacting me via email. All pre-ordered copies will be signed by Zach Bookstein Partridge and Jonathan Jeweler.

• Available Comic - New Work (In Text/Image Mode) - A preview zine of Mr. BC vol. 1 featuring eight pages selected from the first chapter of the comic. Signed by Zach Partridge and Jon Jeweler. Contact me for a copy. $5 with shipping.

• Available Comic - Eggland's Best Vol. 0 - An amorphous superhero and the search for his lost past. An amalgamation of Gumby, ET, Ubu Roi, and Poppin' Fresh. Signed Vol. 0. Contact me if you would like one- $5 including shipping.