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The website for my graphic novel, Mr. B.C. Vol. 1, illustrated by myself and written by Zach Partrdige and myself. Available at this link and store shelves following it's release in early November 2017.

Max's Garage Press: A printing studio in Berkeley (previously San Rafael) run by my friend Max Stadnik, one of the owner's of Tiny Splendor. Check out his studio for woodblock, risograph, and Lithograph printing.

Tiny Splendor: publishers, curators, zine masters; comics, art books, poetry, photography, prints, patches, shirts etc. with art by many artists, friends, and myself.

The Pop Skull Club: An art blog by friends & myself. sketchbook doodles from lost time.

The Real Housewives of Neukölln: "Berlin's preeminent trash drag musical cabaret comedy sketch show", starring my friend Eliot Gardepe, based out of Berlin.

Northern Monday: A Non-Profit documentary group; seeking to show the world and honor those ignored souls who keep everything working.

Postculture.tumblr: A blog centered around postmodern, aesthetic, and art theory. Written by Eliot Gardepe of 'Real Housewives of Neukölln' fame.

HaikaraHakuchi: My friend Roger Goodman's Japanese Music blog; excellent place to find amazing music you never knew existed.

Erik Luebs/Magical Mistakes: My friend Erik Luebs's Electronic Music project based out of Osaka, Japan.

AJ Mckinley: Musician friend who plays with good friend Zach Bookstein Partridge, co-writer of MR. B.C.

Goomy: Musician friend, great psychadelic music based out of Portland and Nepal.

Poppet: Musician friend who plays intense dream pop, awesome vocalist.

Mselasco: My Friend Martin Selasco, multi-talented multi-instrumentalist with pop, psych, and traditional Argentinian music inspirations. Based out of Seattle and Argentina.


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